1. Levitate

    Balance Top Menu - DeluxeMenus v1.0.0

    Overview: This menu configuration includes a well designed menu that displays the players that are in the balance top of your server. Installation: Purchase and download the resource. Place the baltop.yml file inside DeluxeMenus/gui_menus Add the newly placed baltop menu inside your config.yml...
  2. Trippyn

    BalanceTop GUI | DeluxeMenu v1.0

    This is CONFIGURATION not a PLUGIN Show your players who has the most money on the server with clean menu. Made on 1.20 version Show players heads when there is avaliable player (otherwise barrier) With editable tips for players how to make money I will appreciate any reviews For...
  3. Ultimate Setups

    Balance Top | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    This Balance Top is the best out there! It includes Top 10 Players Page Everything is customizable. Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on discord) DISCORD: ultimatesetups BUILTBYBIT...
  4. xeneit

    BALANCETOP - DeluxeMenus Config v1.0

    Top 50 Players (SPREAD ACROSS 5 GUI PAGES, FOR 10 EACH) BalanceTop Leaderboard 6 Color Variants (BLUE, GRAY, GREEN, PURPLE, RED, YELLOW) Sound Support (SWITCH PAGES, CLOSE) This menu config should work on all versions that support candles. I was making this config on version 1.19.4...
  5. Thunder Team


    NOTE: Please refer to the documentation before asking for support in the Discord Server. (Buyers must verify their purchase to gain access to support) OVERVIEW: This BalanceTop is the best out there! It includes Top 30 Player spread across 3 clean GUI pages. Everything is customizable. TEST...
  6. Failures

    BalanceTopX | Fully Customizable v1.1

    BalanceTopX is a highly configurable plugin that allows almost any sort of customization to be made to display player balance rankings. Features ● Fully customizable GUI ● Display any amounts of players with rankings (limited to 1 page) ● Supports Hex color codes (&#[hex]) ● Easy to use...
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