1. StellarMine

    Stellar Bedwars - The ultimate setup v1.0

    [/SPOILER] You need to install these plugins manually! CITIZENS (Fullwall): TAB (NEZNAMY):
  2. M

    BedWars FREE Setup - Bedwars1058 0

    Bedwars1058 Setup Versions: 1.8.8 NOTE: In use-native-transport=false SOFT-DEPENDENCY Remember To Add TAB by Neznamy If You Want To Use The Premade TAB About 4 Squad (4v4v4v4) MAPS 4 Trio (3v3v3v3) MAPS 3 Doubles MAPS 3 Solo MAPS Wins Scoreboard Final Kills Scoreboard...
  3. vAmxnee

    Solar BedWars Setup & New Addon Booster v1.6.1-MIRROR-FIX

  4. Leo18bernese

    Guilds v1.2.15

  5. Epicrazer27

    [CLOSED] Minecraft Bedwars Development/Fixes (Source Code)

    Hi there, We are currently using a bedwars plugin on our Minecraft 1.8 Sub Server (Proxy) using a custom spigot. However, the plugin has a few bugs & missing features for bedwars. We are currently running a network under the name GloryNetwork (More information below). The bedwars plugin is...
  6. Epicrazer27

    [CLOSED - TAKEN] GloryNetwork - Looking for a Minecraft Bedwars Developer Assistant / Global Network Developer

    Hi, GloryNetwork is a newly released network that aims to provide a constant updated gaming experience for all groups of Minecraft players, our network supports both premium and cracked players. This means that it supports premium clients and their features. Since this network is on its early...
  7. Epicrazer27


  8. Epicrazer27


  9. reussy

    WinStreak | BedWars1058 add-on v1.1.2

    BedWars1058 WinStreak add-on BedWars1058 WinStreak is a system of streaks which increases when you win a game of Bed Wars. Features › SOFTWARE SUPPORT ‹ Spigot PaperSpigot › MULTIVERSION SUPPORT ‹ 1.8.x - 1.19.x › SERVER TYPE SUPPORT ‹ Multiarena Shared Bungee (BedWarsProxy) › PER...
  10. Epicrazer27


  11. Nexz

    OUTDATED Leaderboard For BedWars1058 v1.0

    GUI Leaderboards for BedWars1058 You must have the following plugins: DeluxeMenus ajLeaderboard BedWars1058 PlaceholderAPI Economy Plugin Available leaderboards: • Top 10 Kills • Top 10 Final Kills • Top 10 Beds Destroyed • Top 10 Games Played • Top 10 Wins • Top 10 Losses • Top 10...
  12. Nexz

    Hypixel Bed Wars Prestiges v3.1-FIXED

    All Hypixel Bed Wars Prestiges configuration for Bedwars1058 Bedwars1058 Plugin: - Spigot [ CLICK HERE ] If you find an error please contact to my discord lukispukis#2007 Preview All Prestiges: Images from:⭐.3940097/...
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