1. AlinMihai96

    Unique OneBlock - Premium Setup v1.0

    MAP IS FROM Artillex-Studios INFORMATIONS: This OneBlock Setup is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins. The native server version is 1.19.4 Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the setup correctly. <3 FEATURES ONEBLOCK Custom Map Free Plugins Skills...
  2. PremadeSetups

    OneBlock Setup | Deluxe v1.3

    ・ONEBLOCK SETUP is a product that provides quality in terms of configurations, designs and mechanics, offering a new fresh air of minigames at a very affordable price. ONEBLOCK gameplay is pretty simple. Players will spawn in a single block in the air with no other resources nearby. The only...
  3. Requlogia

    BentoBox - Rank Upgrade Config v1.0.0

    Overview: This configuration was created using the DeluxeMenus plugin. The purpose of the configuration is to upgrade the rank by completing the requirements. Features: Upgrade | Your players can upgrade the rank. Title & Subtitle Message | Your players will receive a title message when they...
  4. Xcraft Networks

    ⚙️Bentobox - Bskyblock Custom Challenge Creation Services ⚙️

    Hello! My name is X and I like to consider myself an expert plugin configurator! I am now offering new services for all "Bentobox: Bskyblock" plugin users! I will create custom bskyblock challenges for your server. Collaboration is encouraged! _________________________________ Service A...
  5. Mirayi_

    WarfarePrestiges v1.1

    BentoBox & AOneBlock is required to run this addon. Download BentoBox here This addon runs on Kotlin! Any plugins using Kotlin might break the functionality of this Addon. Used Kotlin version is 1.4.32 WarfarePrestiges is a BentoBox addon for AOneBlock, which adds a fully functional Prestige...
  6. Xcraft Networks

    Custom Skyblock Challenges for Bentobox v3.3

    This is a custom skyblock challenge setup for bskyblock that I have put well over 200 hours into creating! This resource is ready-to-use! This resource contains 100+ Challenges. While most challenges are customized there are a a few that will look familiar but are not quite default. Most...
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