best builds

  1. Tiptronic

    Mythic Realms Hub/Spawn v1.0

    Need a Goodlooking and cheap lobby/hub for your server? Here is a beautiful greek themed spawn with places for npc and crates! Tip: Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down and use FAWE if worldedit doesn't work. DISCORD
  2. Fairy Studios

    【#1】Fairy Studios | High Quality Build Service ✔

  3. ByRaptor

    Build House

    The BEST builds made by hand for a good PRICE!✅✅ Dimensions: 150x150 If you want to buy, send me a message in discord: Raptor # 9052
  4. PincerPrithu

    ⚡EXTREMELY CHEAP⚡ Good quality builds!

    Looking for cheap builds? I got you! High quality and low prices only available at Pincer development! Some examples: Only 15 USD! Only 7 USD! Only 7 USD! Only 8 USD! To buy please join: After joining create a ticket and ask for the build you want to buy! I...
  5. Ker35

    Your Awesome Builds

    Down below post your best build. I am creating an MC server and I need some ideas. Also if you have some tips for other server owners or players that might be looking at this thread, please share them
  6. specialhero

    Best SkyBlock Spawn | Exclusive |Best | HQ

    Hey! Today I am selling a SkyBlock spawn that just done yesterday. The first person who buy this spawn will decide if this spawn is exclusive or not. You can pm me or add me on skype (SpecialheroYT) to buy the spawn. Here is some pictures of the spawn. If you want some custom builds from me...
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