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  1. Paffz

    ChatReaction Configurations5 THEMES 5 COLORS PER THEME 200+ WORDS 1.0

    This is a configuration of the ChatReaction plugin. It includes 200 words, 5 different templates, and 5 different color schemes for each template. Instructions on how to install it and more comes with it. Will make more different types of templates & more color schemes as time goes on...
  2. F

    ChatReaction 5 COLORS UNIQUE MESSAGES 620 WORDS 2.1

    This is a configuration of the chatreaction plugin. you will find 620 words and 5 different colors with unique messages. Purchase goals: ✔️ 1 Purchases ✔️ 2 Purchases ✔️ 3 Purchases ✔️ 5 Purchases ✔️10 Purchases ❌20 Purchases. *ALERT* The messages only work in the 1.6.2 version of...
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