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black and white

  1. Slain


    Hi there, I made you this cool animated thread design. You only need Adobe After Effects & Media Encoder. I can also edit it myself for your extra 0.5$ MemesLord#0900 for help EDITING PROCESS ALL THE TEXTS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE! Clean and understandable template!
  2. jxhdvn

    AFFORDABLE B&W Thread Design Template 1.0

    Sleek black and white thread design that's for personal use. By buying this you receive a .AI file for the thread design. If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, which is needed to edit the thread design, I can edit it for you for an extra $0.25
  3. WitherSurvival

    Looking for a detailed build team to build a custom spawn

    Hello everyone, I own a server called WitherSurvival and my current hub doesn't look good at all and there is no main theme, the hub does not reflect the server name either, It's just a basic boring hub. I am specifically looking for a build team which can build a customized hub to my...
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