1. S

    I will host you a Bot for free and make a bot for free

    Add me on Discord for more Information: dekratorg About me: Iam Samir, iam 17 years old. Iam from Germany but i can little bit English. Im hosting for you for free any Bot what you want! FREE and forever online! You dont have any Problems anymore if you need a Hoster, ill give you the Service...
  2. Fireblaster819

    Role for status | Supporter role v1.3

    » How does it work? Ever wanted to reward your server members for a help with server promoting? This bot assigns you a role for the corresponding status, perfect for community/giveaway servers. » Support Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions, join our discord server and open a...
  3. D

    DIscord OAuth Bot

    Hey! I'm selling my Oauth bot for 40$! [PayPal F&F only] How does it work? Here is a video for this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/761245357144932353/845522437273944105/2021-05-22_10-10-21.mp4 Features: You can customize everything [Like: Webpage, Domain Name, Prefix and Much much...
  4. XDevelopment

    cheap discord bots (free hosting 0/2)

    Hello, am a 16-year-old discord bot developer. Looking to make a few dollars. Bot prices range from 5-15$ depending on the complexity. All bots delivered in 1-3 days from purchase. I will also be hosting the first 0/2 customer bots for free. discord:[X]#9830
  5. Pythonix__

    Selling Service Team Bot!

    Details: #1 Feature-Rich Service Team Bot Do you want to start a service team and you don't know where to get started? Discord, the #1 instant messaging platform, no longer only holds gamers but also one of the largest communities. Every day, Discord becomes ideal for connecting people from...
  6. Midnightdude


    Hello! I am offering free custom bots! UNTIL January 12 2021! I can make Moderation bots Ticket/modmail bots Economy bots Fun bots Meme bots! Please add Midnightdude#5608 On discord!
  7. ImTheKID

    Need a vps/rdp for minecraft botting.

    Im looking to rent a vps/rdp that can run minecraft (the game not a server) it must have a gpu, cpu, ram and like 100gb storage extra after windows exc. The servers im looking for are: 8 core 64gb with an 6gb vram gpu, 16 core 128gb ram with 10gb vram gpu, 32 core with 256gb ram and a little...