1. Xcraft Networks

    ⚙️Bentobox - Bskyblock Custom Challenge Creation Services ⚙️

    Hello! My name is X and I like to consider myself an expert plugin configurator! I am now offering new services for all "Bentobox: Bskyblock" plugin users! I will create custom bskyblock challenges for your server. Collaboration is encouraged! _________________________________ Service A...
  2. Xcraft Networks

    Custom Skyblock Challenges for Bentobox v3.3

    This is a custom skyblock challenge setup for bskyblock that I have put well over 200 hours into creating! This resource is ready-to-use! This resource contains 100+ Challenges. While most challenges are customized there are a a few that will look familiar but are not quite default. Most...
  3. Fede1132

    DeliveryMan 1.8-1.16.1 FabledSkyblock/DiscordSRV support MySQL & Cross-Server support v2.2.2

    DeliveryMan is a simple, intuitive and Hypixel style reward plugin. FULL PlaceholderAPI! (Optional) MySQL Support Cross-Server Support Supports infinite amount of time. Can be used with VIPs. (You can set your own permission in configs) One time claim support (Can be claimed only 1 time)...
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