1. Save

    ZithiumBuckets | Infinite Buckets v1.2

    Infinite buckets allow users to easily build farms without having to buy many water or lava buckets at a time. With a configurable price it ensures that your economy can't become inflated or broken due to the infinite buckets. Plugin requires PaperSpigot to run. [Or a fork such as Pufferfish]...
  2. Lone____Wolf

    SupremeInfiniteBuckets v2.1.4

    Allows you to give players on your server an infinite bucket that will never run out. Allows you to give water and lava buckets which can be used infinitely as long as the player has the money to do so, money per use is configurable in the config. If a player has a full inventory when given a...
  3. Jeyzer

    Solar Buckets Optimized & Asynchronized Generator Buckets v1.0.2

  4. MrJamz

    Gen Buckets Config (Purple) v1.8

    Just a quick purple themed genbuckets config :) If you need any help dm me or contact me on discord Discord: James.#1702
  5. NepreZ_

    ❅ Ruins Koth - ( HCF ) [ 0.99 $ ]❅

    Today Im Selling a Koth HCF to 0,99 $ ❅ Koth - HCF ❅ Pictures More info & How to buy: https://sellfy.com/p/VJ9A/
  6. CedryK

    !250x250 Toxic Themed HUB! v1.0

    !Non-Exclusive Build! Theme: Toxic Size:250x250 Images:
  7. Lampbork

    Stacking Filled Buckets

    Does anyone know of a plugin that automatically stacks filled buckets without using a command or anything? Or can someone create one?
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