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  1. jdmallow


  2. A

    [Exlusive] Selling a lobby

    I sell a medium waiting lobby It's an island with a giant tree. It's full of secret location. Fantasy Style done in 1.16.4 For the price or more screens, contact me on discord: Articko#1040
  3. S

    Altumus - New Thread: Looking for Staff and Builders! Medieval Roleplay Coming soon.....

    Altumus Who We Are Altumus is a Role Playing server. We try to put emphasis on all areas in Minecraft, by working as a team. Together we can create something awesome, something people have never experienced on Minecraft. Let's work together to bring back role play. We are divided into separate...
  4. W

    How much does this spawn worth?

    Hello MC-market, I am looking to sell my Faction spawn 100x100 w/ warzone
  5. Diz

    ✶MCBuilds✶HQ Premade HCF Terrain✶Exclusive✶

    Welcome to another amazing build by! Today we have an amazing HCF Terrain that was hand built. The terrain is 500x500 giving a nice condensed area to fight in but also allowing you to spread out. This map was built with a lot of care and consideration going into each block...
  6. Marvel


  7. iSoModPvP

    Skyblock Spawn ~SALE~ 3.2

    Decent Sized Skyblock Spawn (Staff Area,Floating ship (shop) , Small Crate Room , 2 House for another shop and a nice looking dragon.
  8. Galactic_Wolf

    ◦ 12 HOURS LEFT ◦ Fancy 120x120 [4 Portal Hub] ◦ Highly Detailed ◦ $5.00 ONLY ◦

    This high-quality hub gives you the ability to place signs where you would like your players to see. Along with being able to see the signs where you spawn, it's easy maneuverability allows you to go straight to your portal with little interference. Without further or due, here are the...
  9. Matilaina

    HCF MAP BUILDS. High Quality

    I AM SELLING THIS ON A PAGE TO MAKE ALL MORE SECURE! THE PAGE IS CALLED SELLFY AND IT IS SUPER SECURE! LINK: Hello! I'm Matilaina I form part of the build team of the famouse server "Badlion Network" (Map Team) and I'm here today to sell...
  10. D

    HCF/Faction Koth's

    I am selling two Koths Koth 1 [$15 Or Best Offer] Koth 2 [$10 or Best Offer] Add me on Skype at abusivesecurity if you're interested and we can work out a deal
  11. E

    New Price!

    Come check it out and let me know better price ideas! For Now There Is Also A Promo Code For Hub1 Use The Code: FirstHub To Get 25% Off! Click Here ===> My Store (For Now)
  12. dioWaxES


    Hello! My name is Tyler also known as dioWaxES! I have been building for 2 years and in that time I have been apart of multiple highly skilled build teams. I have decided that I will build independently and for free! Keep reading to learn more about me. My Portfolio: My Prices: Free! My...
  13. Galxii

    |>(Exerpienced server Manager FREE!!)<|

    Hey! This is my second ever thread. I am offering my presence to help y'all. I am an extremerly experienced manager of many servers. I have gotten servers on track and on their feet. If you need help starting. I will help. Anything I can help with. I will get all low deals, builders and coders...
  14. Cal

    Calvin ✧ Manager Extraordinaire

    For quick question and answers, join my discord! Old thread: Calvin Creative Terms of Service 1. Terms By downloading, or by requesting a service, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and...
  15. kirox2

    Selling Factions Config Setup with spawn and safezone,warzone,wilderness!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys! I'm here offering you a factions server with config fully setup i'm selling this between $15-$30 add me on skype @ kirox2plays (★TheTechKid21★kirox2★Vishal★Minecraft Luver 4 Lyfe★) if...
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