builders community

  1. Ninezel

    [Looking For Help] For An Upcoming Minecraft Medieval Server 🏰

    As you read the title, we are looking for people who can help us in various ways from building and designing the world to developing new plugins and tools. We are also looking for people who can help with the server's administration and keeping it running smoothly. To give more background on...
  2. A

    Need Builders!

    The Better choice is a Minecraft towny role play server. We are currently designing several mini games and are in need of builders. Please leave your discord username and # down below and you will be contacted.
  3. D

    Looking for staff/mod/builders/Dev/Admin

    I am currently looking for staff members on my server, The application Recommended format is below! add me as afriend and ill invite you to discord server Staff Application Recommended Format : - In Game Name: - Timezone: - Past Experience(if you have any): - Strengths & Weakness: - What will...
  4. Ayns

    HC Builders |A Discord builders community for everybody! |

    β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚ HC Builders A discord community. β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚β–‚ Why? We are trying to make a community for builders, build buyers & people who like to see people their builds. So builders...