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builds for sell

  1. RandomAssGamer

    Big Server Builds - XeroidSetups

    Hey guys! Were starting a new team! - ------------------------------------------------------------ What do we offer : Fully big server build like MinePlex ! We are hacking these files through Minecraft classified client! We can do any server if you want...
  2. ToXiiCxBuild

    ToXiiCxBuilds|Custom Builds|Hubs|Prison Mines|Spawns|

    Hello my name is ToXiiCxMonster, I have been floating around the minecraft community for years now with a creative building talent. I have finally decided to create a website to help me spread my builds further into the community! So far I have only completed and posted 6 mines however I am...
  3. H

    Cynosia Build Team • HQ commission services

    Hello MC-Market! Today, I would like to offer any server owners that are in need of high quality build commission services from the Cynosia Build Team. Info: We are willing to fit the needs of any customer. We can do anything from terraforming, custom maps, and organics to detailed hubs and...
  4. TarrPlays

    TarrPlays Build Shop!

    Hello everyone! This is a build shop! I will be adding builds with screen shots to this post every week, or at least around that. For Sale I currently have a donation area for a server built. It will only be sold once so it will be a one of a kind build. If you are interested and want to buy...
  5. CyberMC

    -(---{}---{ PixelBuild Store }---{}---)- { 3 HQ Builds For Sell }

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