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  1. F

    Spawn/Lobby exclusive

    Exclusive construction, was made in version 1.13! R$ 7,00
  2. TitanDev

    TitanicMC needs staff members | Builder | Moderator | Helper | Admin

    Hi there. Introduction: TitanicMc was a small prison and factions server in 2018, but the owner (me) decided to close the server, because it was out of funds. also because he didn't have time for working on the network anymore. But now, on 2019 we decided to re-open the network and to change...
  3. tristminerking

    [SAO-Crafted] In need of Builders

    Hello MC-M, Hello im tristminerking owner of SAOCrafted. SAOCrafted is a modded server that uses Custom Npcs Pams Harvest Craft and other mods of that nature. Because this is a very big project we are in need of builders. I want my server to sorta be like this. Since the server is closed i...
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