buycraft confirm

  1. Diz

    ✧ Stellar Buycraft Confirm ✧ Prevent CB's & Donation Banning | Optimized | 1.8+ | $5

    Stellar Buycraft Confirm Keep your donations safe from scammers! Main Feature: Confirm Making players confirm all their purchases. This is helpful when fighting against chargebacks but also very useful to prevent people from donating under someone else's username and then opening a chargeback...
  2. Classified

    Atlas Confirm (/confirm) - [Fully Configurable] v1.0.3-beta

    AtlasConfirm is a plugin that should be used in combination with a monetization service such as Buycraft or CraftingStore. It is used as a confirmation system to prevent unauthorized purchases on a player's account. When a player purchases an item off of your server store instead of instantly...
  3. Frostayy

    ✅ConfirmationPurchase (/confirm) ✅ | Stop Fraudulent ChargeBack Bans

    RESOURCE LINK: Information | ConfirmationPurchase is a plugin that allows players to confirm that they are the user who purchased an item from buycraft. ConfirmationPurchase also allows administrators to grant players packages from buycraft ingame...
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