1. GrahamBurger1998

    Looking to Buy/Buy into a Running Minecraft Server

    Hello All, I am looking to either buy a server/network or buy partial ownership of an existing server/network. Looking for small/medium populated well running servers with established staff teams, configs, and website. Please comment below or contact me via discord with what you have and I will...
  2. HWP

    Looking to buy Established Servers.

    Hello, My name is Hp and I'm currently looking to Buy an Established Server. Please have a playerbase of 30+ Players A discord. Preferably a domain. Screenshots of said server a join able server. If you feel you fit these roles please join my discord @ or add me with...
  3. H

    Buying a HQ Network with Factions, Sky block Budget $300

    I am buying a HQ Network with Factions and Skyblock, Player Base Optional, Advertising Optional, Must be High Quality and be hosted remotely. Contact me at my Skype is Hayden.Perrine422 I might not reply here
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