1. Pixel Forge

    BoxPvP Setup | Magma Edition v1.1-fixed

    ・BOXPVP SETUP is a product that provides quality in terms of configurations, designs and mechanics, offering a new fresh air of combat at a very affordable price. The main premise of this game mode is that players will be locked in a box in which they can obtain resources to buy upgrades for...
  2. Setti

    ✅ 6 Cutie Cages for SKYWARS [ ONLY 2.99€ ]

    Price $2.99 Build type non-exclusive File type .schematic Supported MC Versions 1.8+ Dimensions 5x5 Terms resale is prohibited Buy / more info *Click*
  3. Wazup922

    UHC X - Normal and Speed UHC v2.2

    UHC / Speed UHC: This plugin provides your server with a bundle of 2 of the most famous challenging mini-games. UHC and Speed UHC! UHC is a minigame where players spawn in a randomly generated world and natural health generation is disabled in this world. Players have a grace period to prepare...
  4. Wazup922

    The Walls X - Walls, Mega Walls v3.1

    The Walls X: The walls is a very fun minigame where each team is separated by a wall that is erased after a period of time. Each team must collect resources, build traps, and prepare for the wall drop. After the wall is dropped, teams can enter enemy territory and eliminate them to win the game...
  5. Wazup922

    Skywars X v10.0.1

    The ultimate minigame for your server! Create arenas with ease and start playing instantly. Unlock new kits, cages, and trails through purchasing them from the awesome gui shop, or through the mystery box. Rank up and earn achievements as you become more powerful. Create parties and play with...
  6. gabbo200

    Pro SkyWars [Kits, Cages, Trails, Mystery Box, Holograms, Chest Types, Unlimited Refills]

    Professional minigame for your server! Create unlimited arenas, loot chests for equipments, fight to be the last man standing! Totally independent, can run absolutely by itself. Almost 100% configurable, customize your messages, arenas, kits, cages and chests. Create unlimited arenas. Can...