1. Mace Store

    Canadian Infantry Kit & Gear Pack v1.0

    very very detailed has a lot of stuff to start a Canadian Milsim More photos - Google Drive
  2. WilliamIndustries

    MSVS v1.0

    The Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) is a designation for two types of medium capacity logistics trucks, which are the primary transportation vehicle for the Canadian Armed Forces Working chassis Detailed Interior Detailed Exterior
  3. WilliamIndustries

    TAPV v1.0

    The Textron TAPV (Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle) is an armoured car currently in use by the Canadian Army. It is essentially a heavier armoured upgrade of the M1117 Armoured Security Vehicle, developed for use by the military police of the US Armed Forces. A-Chassis Working Machine Guns...
  4. ThePotatoTurtle

    BTC Shop [CAD/USD] [PayPal Canada Users]

    Having a Canadian PayPal account can be inconvenient at times. Since it is only free to send money through Family & Friends to other PayPal Canada accounts (the fee is 100% to any other country), we often have to send money through Goods & Services. Understandably, many traders/sellers would...
  5. CubeLeaf

    [AUTOMATIC CHECKOUT] ⏸ Canadian Tree Pack

    Purchase here (Sellfly):
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