cannon server

  1. EvolvedDev

    ☄️Evolved Magic Sand [$10 USD]☄️

  2. B

    Professional Server setups

    "Quick responses and easy to work with, Knowledgeable on plugins and commands. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to build a Minecraft server from scratch." - Cube Hi, I'll setup your Minecraft server with quality plugins, a spawn of your choosing, and a configured rank/permission...
  3. Sharquisha

    [FREE] [1.8-1.16.4] VortexCannonProtection v1.2-RELEASE

    =*= VortexCannonProtection =*= Supporting Minecraft 1.8-1.16.4 VortexCannonProtection is a simple cannon protection plugin that provides various important features with amazing performance Features - Works out of the box. - Highly optimized. - (CONFIGURABLE) Whether or not to enable cannon...
  4. william Butler

    New Network Server, Needs Staff & Youtubers

    ApolloPvP is a Minecraft factions server on 1.8 - Newest, Their is also a Cannon server on 1.8- Newest, Aswell as a Survival on 1.8 - Newest I need Staff and Any Youtubers as long as you upload often and don't bot you gucci hmu asap Discord: ImVexed#3027
  5. E

    In need of staff for a faction/cannon server

    Hello. my names Enix my partner and I are looking for staff with a good reputation a strong knowledge base, if you have connections with factions we'd love to get in contact with you hit me up on discord LilEnix#9303. also, give us a quick brief of why you like to be a part of our team n, in...
  6. Innings

    Cannoning Patches | Smooth Cannoning | Several MC Optimizations | Large Server Support | v2.0

    Today I am releasing my cannoning jar fixes. These options of jars are working smooth when I tested. This is a cheap solution to fix cannoning. These offer 2 types of jar's & configs for 1.8.8. These are good for factions, but also offer skyblock & survival optimizations. ( Want yours here...
  7. S

    A good spigot for cannon test server

    If anyone has a good spigot on which cannoning works fine msg me on discord MrStealUrFood#1550
  8. iCodeHaven

    CannonPlatforms [Factions, Cannon Servers] [60% OFF | NOW $1.00] v1.2.0

    CannonPlatforms The perfect plugin for Factions or Cannon servers The purpose of this plugin is to allow players to create cannons or builds that can't be destroyed with TnT, as long as they have a specific (configurable) block under it. This may be useful for something such as cannon servers...
  9. Zuqi

    Cannon Server - With PlotSquared Chunk setup!

    I'm currently looking for a Cannon server with customized PlotSquared and Working cannon Mechanics and other plugins - Such as, Redstone and TNT limiter PM for TS or Skype :)
  10. F

    Dev to Make Cannons Work

    We need a developer that is able to make our server cannons work. If interested email > [email protected] Be sure to include : - Skype - Price - How long it would take.
  11. F

    Faction server for sale $100 last offer

    i recently posted a thread about this and realize i didnt have enough info for people and also the price was to high here are the SS i have of my buycraft. Server ip:
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