1. Vifez

    Prismify Cosmetics Is looking for Cosmetic Designers!

    👋 Hey all! I am writing the forum regarding Prismify Cosmetics and how we are recruiting cosmetics designers! Lets get straight into it, I am willing to pay for a bulk amount of cosmetics, This can vary from hats, backpacks, capes, wings etc! I am looking for professional designers with...
  2. root7777

    C++ Developer

    Hi, I am a representative of Cloaks+. Cloaks+ is a software that allows players to use custom capes for free, and it is loved by out large and ever growing user base of over 30 thousand. Our current method works decently well, but has some limitations like depending on Optifine, only working on...
  3. Erland Nordli


    Hello! My name is Erland, I'm 15 years old and I have many years of design experience. I offer a lot more than what's in the image above, like capes, gifs, etc. I've made designs for youtubers like leDevin, WizzyWizard, and iListen. My designs are cheap, and I work on multiple platforms. The...
  4. Register Name

    Why we should be allowed to sell cape codes.

    I would first like to say that Brano touched on this subject earlier, however I would just like to add some key points to help sway the community and staff team in my Pro cape code selling agenda. How would this work, and how can we prevent scamming? - This can all be prevented by using a...
  5. S903

    Can anybody help me?

    I'm brand new to the MC Market. I just found this website because of minecon capes. I want to buy an account with a cape. However in my two days of exploring the site, I've found and heard a whole lot of the account selling is a scam artists playground. For this reason, I'm asking if anybody...
  6. Hype

    Cheap OptiFine Capes?

    Idk if this is the right place to post this type of thread but... Is anyone selling cheap OF capes or know someone or someplace that is selling them cheap, thanks. Anything helps <3
  7. RebelKnox

    Mc-Central | "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home"

    Simply put, we are requesting a community to intertwine with one another, and create a cordial environment. {=========} { VISIT SITE } {=========}
  8. Q


    Selling optifine capes, prices are completely negotiable. add me on skype: greatcheese57 message me an offer and I will respond. Currently in stock: 7
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