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  1. Anndrew

    CarePackages | 1.8-1.15 | Fun Event 1.0.4

    CarePackages Automated event where a drop falls from the sky. Simple and Lightweight 99% Customizable Easy and Fun Event for Any Server Custom Developer Events (CarePackageStartEvent, CarePackageLandEvent, CarePackageCaptureEvent) /carepackages start - Starts the Event /carepackages stop -...
  2. X

    Selling vHCF(HCF Core) || Other Misc Plugins Aswell!

    Hello! I am selling the vHCF plugin. It is a HCF core. My skype is "ℐinx | KrypticHCF Owner". You may add me if you are interested on buying! Proof of ownership: As you may see, I also have a...
  3. LavaBucket

    Mystical Drops Plugin

    Mystical Drops Completed
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