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  1. Malfunction

    ISO SysAdmin with BitBucket/Bamboo Experience

    Hey all, Having troubles setting up BitBucket and Bamboo servers that play nice with each other. Coming from a design background, I really have no clue how to approach this problem - I have a hunch it's a problem surrounding our server resources. We're running a self-managed Linux VPS running...
  2. Senvoz

    Cheap HQ System Setups

  3. Zigenzag

    Advice / Assistance | PHP, Linux and Windows Servers | Free

    Hi Guys, Id like to gain a bit of rep on here because why not. If anyone has anything they need help with from a Web Developer / Systems administrator point of view I'm happy to help. I'm knowledgeable with Linux and Windows server environments. Spent last couple of years working with Windows...
  4. TheDarkbouou

    TheDarkbouou's VPS Shop | Cheap | Fast Network

    I'm finally starting my own VPS shop ! Specifications: Refunds Payments Available OS SpeedTest on one of our node If you need informations or you have questions, simply ask it here or you can also add me on skype or Discord. TheDarkbouou#1968
  5. Glitch

    [VC - 1/3] Clock's Setups and Management

    About me: I started administrating my own server's VPS for a few months now and I learned roughly by my own self. Why me: I can offer myself to install panels such as multicraft, pufferpanel, Pterodactyl and more than just panels. All of these for a cheap price. I am experienced with CentOS 7...
  6. koenigseggjoel

    Joel Rutherford is looking for a job

    Hey, if you didn't already get the drift, I'm Joel. Here's my resumé / portfolio. So you know, the point of this thread is to attract new clients, and hopefully, an employer of some type. The reason I left my abilities is so that either or could have a fair chance to view my services. I'm open...
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