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cheap dev

  1. Optimalos

    I provide java programming services | Super experienced | High quality

    About me: Hey! My name is Optimal and I provide programming services for spigot/bukkit and bungeecord. I have been programming minecraft plugins for over 5 years. I'm from Slovakia, so I don't know enough English to discuss the nuances of voice communication, but I understand the text well. I...
  2. byteful

    [✅] Advanced Java Development | Super Experienced | High Quality

    GitHub: Discord: byteful#0001 Email: [email protected] VOUCHES:
  3. crispymedia

    [CHEAP] Development Work. BIG PAST CLIENTS.

    Crispy Development If you are looking for cheap development for bots, sites or more. You have come to the right place. Crispy Development is made up of a single developer who is creating custom solutions. Past Client Work Make-A-Wish Trimix (content creator) AmongUs LFG Bot (250k server...
  4. crispymedia

    ⚡Verified Bot Development ⚡Crispy Development - Cheap & Fast.

    ⚡ Crispy Bot Development ⚡ Hey! I'm Crispy. A student from Australia. I am a verified bot developer on discord, and have worked for other 30+ clients. Past Client Work Make-A-Wish Trimix (content creator) AmongUs LFG Bot (250k server members) Tons of open source repos on github...
  5. Jon Development

    Free and Paid web devleopment

    I am doing free web development for very basic frontend websites. All paid developments (medium sized frontend & backend) will be under £15, for which you can add me on discord: Jonn#7864 I will do a 50% before, 50% after on paid development which costs over £7.
  6. Areeb

    AREEB.CC | ⚡ Affordable Web Design & Development

  7. H

    Custom Servers X Cheap X Fast X Most Gamemodes

    Hospin Development Hospin Development, Can code, setup, config, and design plugins along with graphics for websites or shops, We usually code for higher tier servers, Names cant be mentioned due to server issues (Owner Related) . As we see allot of well known devs in the Minecraft Development...
  8. PCPSells

    Cheap Medium | Low Tier plugin development

    Need any lower tier plugins developed? Need any configurations done? I do rather cheap plugins.
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