cheat detection

  1. W

    Watched Advanced anticheat v2.9

    Watched Anticheat is a 1:1 skript anticheat getting any illegitimate actions, this is the first skript anticheat to have multiple speed checks and 1 being a simulation check, this anticheat has baritone checks which you can use the command /watched baritonealerts for, and this anticheat can...
  2. LinsaFTW

    AAC + AACAP - Balanced AntiCheat Configuration v0.3.8

    INFORMATION I worked since 2016 on making AAC work "okay" without taking too much performance and having the less false positives as possible, this configuration has autoban only for Blatant cheating, and has a decent leniency to prevent false positives. Lot of testing has and is being made...
  3. funkemunky

    Kauri Anticheat [By funkemunky and Elevated]

    Description Kauri is a brand of anticheat designed to bestow confidence in its users. Never before has there been something as accurate and feature-filled, but also a huge bang for your buck. What is Kauri? Kauri is an advanced cheating and exploit prevention system, meant to keep your server...
  4. G

    GhoSTHunter (AntiCheat System)

    What is GhoSTHunter? GhoSTHunter is AntiCheat System written by me. It contains 3 parts - Plugin, Client and Web server. The client is based on Visual C# and works with the plugin using MySQL. 100% accurate cheat detection + command run after check. How does plugin and client work? Usage...
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