1. Deividgab

    [New] NewChestCommands Forking of ChestCommands - 1.8

    NewChestCommands » ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Introduction ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ « The ChestCommands plugin is one of the best menu creation and gui plugins, just what you lose to DeluxeMenu and MyCommand .So I decided to make an edition of ChestCommands and add new ones features to make the plugin a little complete and...
  2. TrollingCake_

    [Free] Player Cosmetic Tags [ChestCommands Config] v1.1

    Do not waste more Memory and RAM on downloading a Tags plugin! If you have ChestCommands and GroupManager already installed, you may use these nice, lightweight tags! How it works: When you type /tag (can be changed), it shows up a GUI with many tags. If you have the required permission, by...
  3. TrollingCake_

    [Free] Server Main Menu with Servers, Warps and more using ChestCommands [Spigot/Bungee] v1.0

    Are you bored of having to create your server's main menu from scratch? Here's the solution! Features: - Servers List - Warps List - Extras/Customs List - With Decorations - Pre Set up examples Installation: - Install ChestCommands (v3.14 Recommended) - Add mainmenu.yml in the menu folder...
  4. GabyTM

    GUIHelper | The in-game GUI builder v1.0.7

    THE PLUGIN IS NOT ABANDONED, DEV BUILDS FOR V1.1.0 CAN BE FOUND ON GITHUB! Creating GUIs through a config file can be a mess. It's hard to visualize how it'll look, and you end up stressing over small details This tool helps you to build your desired menu in-game easy and fast and you'll...
  5. Topfragger

    ChestCommands | RULES Configuration | 50% OFF! | HIGH QUALITY | vUPDATED 04-09-2019

    ViaVersion makes your server multi version compatible. Download; This configuration requires ChestCommands. Download; This configuration does not require ViaVersion. That's your...
  6. Funtime

    ChestCommands ● Buy Shop ● Clean Design ● 1.8 Blocks

    This product contains a fully working shop made using ChestCommands. To open the shop you only need to do /SHOP [/spoiler] Plugin Requirements: ChestCommands Vault SilkSpawners Any plugin that has an economy eg Essentials A permission plugin eg GroupManager or PermissionsEX...
  7. Banned

    ChestCommands Kits, Help, Suicide, Block /pl, /bukkit:help *FREE* v1.1

    Introduction: Hello, I am MineWoodTurtle. As I have had no wifi for the past 2 hours I decided to do some configs. One of them is this chest commands one. Commands: /kit This will open the kit GUI. This has 4 kits. /kits This will open the kit GUI. This has 4 kits. This config blocks these...
  8. PixelMine

    Chestcommand GUI Config v1.1

    Create by TheHumax_ NOTE: The file will come with 1 folder with 4 .yml files, All you need to do is drag the .yml into your chestcommands "menu" folder and reload the plugin. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :) Example of the GUI Notice: For a list of...
  9. Glitch

    Delete plz

    Hello people of McM! Today, I will be giving out my configuration for a custom Kit GUI Menu. Perfect for your server! I will be giving out my configurations when you contacted me on Skype. This config needs the plugin: ChestCommands. ChestCommands is very simple plugin that can create custom...
  10. Granddimenzik

    Chestcommands Buy menu

    Premade Chestcommands Buy Menu Hello everyone! My name is Carl and i have finished my chestcommands menu in minecraft. This menu is for servers that have purchases that use real money. _______________________________ Buy link: 2$ _______________________________...
  11. Millennium

    ChestCommands (KITGUI) [CHEAP] [FAST] [2$]

    Hey everyone today I am going to be doing a configuration for a KIT GUI by using Chest Command's I am very good at this particular plugin. Each setup for kit's is going to be 2$ for the whole GUI and I am willing to customize it to your liking Proof: join and click...
  12. S

    Premade CC Menu - Free v1.0

    I made a ChestCommands Menu Thanks to AutobandHD Support me Here a some pictures: Bye
  13. Later

    RevolveMC [Looking For Alot Of Things :p]

    Hello i am Nexovah and im the owner of new server RevolveMC RevolveMC: Custom Enchants MCMMO Crates Reliable Staff Youtubers Envoy Custom Plugins Custom Skripts FUN! Basically what im looking for is a variety of builders. I am also looking for a coder preferably free but if not negotiable...
  14. PCPSells

    ChestCommand files (Tags + ServerUtilities)

    Click the spoiler for the Tags file details (All files are for ChestCommands) Extra » If you'd like me to do any other plugin config/files just inform me and I can do those. If you do have any issues/concerns message me on Skype Skype » demhaters1 3 Files come with your purchase, all the...
  15. Cooleeo

    GUI Menus > Shops / Rank Up / Warp / Server Lobby

    Hi there, I'd like to offer to make GUI menus for people. GUI menus are chest menus that allows players to easily navigate a server, making the server look more professional and appealing. Types of GUI Menus include: Shop Menus List Warps Rank Up (requires permissions plugin e.g...
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