1. Olzie-12

    Player Businesses - Create businesses v1.3.0

    Player Businesses allows players to create and manage businesses in Minecraft, offering a unique and immersive gameplay experience. You can join our test server at and type /pb You can join our support discord here. Fully customisable Manage GUI Balances Staff...
  2. NitroSetups

    ExcellentShop Configuration v1.1.3

    Need a custom UI ExcellentShop configuration? This config includes an extensive config for all the modules of ExcellentShop: Shop, Auction, Chestshop. The perfect ExcellentShop config for any 1.20 Survival, Skyblock or Lifesteal server, or any other server. Watch our demo video below. This...
  3. PixelMine

    Slash Command Icons v1.1

    High quality server command icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection.
  4. U

    Custom chest shop

    Hello, title say it all. I want a custom simple Chestshop plugin for a server hosted on spigot 1.12-1.16. If you guys know any, please link, if not ill buy. I want it done asap, thank you
  5. WizWazWizard

    Player Chest Shop FIXING

    I have a Chest Shop Plugin which I love, but the developer who I paid for this made it full of bugs and just refused to change them. I don't have the source code, so you'll have to decompile it. My offer is around $20. This is due to me having this plugin made and in need of fixing. If you are...
  6. P

    AllShop || GUI Shops || ChestShops || Trading v1.3.1

    This plugin provides everything you could ever need from a shop plugin. It provides GUI shops. One for the server, where players can buy unlimited amounts of items at a set price, and one for the players, where they can sell their items at the price they want. Don't like GUI shops? Don't worry...
  7. E

    ChestShop v3.8.12 - Traduccin al Espaol/Spanish Translation v3.8.12

    Traducción al español del plugin ChestShop v3.8.12 libre de errores gramaticales.
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