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  1. janaravi

    Offering chrome and firefox extension development!

    Hello folks, I'm Janarthanan , I have been developing chrome extensions for various firms and startupincluding individuals. Having over 100+ orders completed and having over 90+ 5 start reveiws in fiverr. I would like to provide my service for the user of this mc-market . When you...
  2. Patrick3

    Chrome notifications

    Hello, I think that there should be a Chrome Notification feature where if you are added to a conversation or something happened and you get an alert, you will get a notification. This will lower the time it takes for the other user to reply to conversations...etc.
  3. CaptainDev

    Is this allowed?

    I got bored so I made a Chrome extension for MC-Market which automatically reacts to everyone's post on a thread. Here's an example of it on a random post. I even made the reaction type configurable. Thoughts?
  4. AltGr

    FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Chrome Extension

    Recently created this extension after I saw a list of secret categories on Reddit, thought I'd make it easier to search for them and view them. Download: Would be nice if you could leave reviews, rate it 5*...
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