clearlagg configuration

  1. martykat123

    5 colors clearlagg config v1.0

    This is a 5 color clearlagg config (More colors coming soon) NOTE: This config does not clear diamond tools, netherite tools and shulker boxes!!! COLORS: blue lime pink red yellow DISCORD FOR SUPPORT: (RULES) 1: You are not allowed to resell this config
  2. nbsf

    Epic ClearLagg Config BOOST Server by 3x v1.1

    Are lag spikes and performance issues plaguing your Minecraft server? Look no further! Our "Epic ClearLagg Config" is here to supercharge your server's performance, reducing lag by up to a staggering 300%! Key Benefits: Goodbye Lag: Our custom ClearLagg configuration is designed to eliminate...
  3. Nevit

    ClearLagg Config | Clean Messages v2.0

  4. PixelMine

    ClearLagg Config v1.0

    Created by TheHumax_ Note: You will get a folder containing 3 folders each containing a different stlye, All you need todo is replace your current config.yml with the one in the folder. Clears all hostile mobs + entities on the ground. Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 If you have any questions...
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