1. martykat123

    5 colors clearlagg config v1.0

    This is a 5 color clearlagg config (More colors coming soon) NOTE: This config does not clear diamond tools, netherite tools and shulker boxes!!! COLORS: blue lime pink red yellow DISCORD FOR SUPPORT: (RULES) 1: You are not allowed to resell this config
  2. nbsf

    Epic ClearLagg Config BOOST Server by 3x v1.1

    Are lag spikes and performance issues plaguing your Minecraft server? Look no further! Our "Epic ClearLagg Config" is here to supercharge your server's performance, reducing lag by up to a staggering 300%! Key Benefits: Goodbye Lag: Our custom ClearLagg configuration is designed to eliminate...
  3. Jackkx

    ClearLagg | Multiple Designs v1.2.1


    MS | ClearLagg Optimization Config v1.0

    ClearLagg is one of the most popular optimization plugins that runs over 1000+ minecraft server. This config offers a complete custom optimization for a better server performance. All of these features is available in the clearlagg plugin itself, this configuration is a tweak to make all the...
  5. xSavior_of_God

    ArmorStand-Limiter v1.7

    ArmorStand-Limiter allows you to limit armor stands, so you can fix TPS drops caused by a high number of ArmorStands in your server! Can be used in all modalities and is fully and easily configurable thanks to its intuitive configuration file. This plugin was created with the express purpose...
  6. Goald

    Clear Lag Configuration (1.15.2)

    Hello! I'm looking for a kind soul to help me with my clear lag configuration! Just someone who is looking for experience and knows what they are doing. (FREE) What I Want: Automatic clear lag every 10 minutes Clears items Doesnt clear: All minecarts, mobs, minions (zombies) Interested? Add me...
  7. RivalDevelopment

    ClearLag Config - 4 Themes All Colors - Optimized - 26 in 1 v1.4

    This package optimises the ClearLag plugin to improve the performance of your server and 26 Clean Themes to Chose from. What you will recieve: Customised Broadcast Messages - Custom Broadcast messages before and during the lag clearing phase. Screenshots of these can be seen in the spoiler...
  8. PixelMine

    ClearLagg Config v1.0

    Created by TheHumax_ Note: You will get a folder containing 3 folders each containing a different stlye, All you need todo is replace your current config.yml with the one in the folder. Clears all hostile mobs + entities on the ground. Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 If you have any questions...
  9. Vierdant

    FREE ClearLagg messages style (Config!)

    I will make this simple. Reply if you want it and I will send the config to you. It clears every 1 hour and gives a warning before: 30 minutes, 15 minutes 1 minute. 5 seconds and then a countdown. Clean design and perfect for factions or any other servers... And pretty noticeable lol Photos...
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