coin shop

  1. VmServices

    CoinShop Config - Mordan theme v1.0

    YOU NEED DeluxeMenus FOR THIS CONFIG TO FUNCTION!!! SHOWCASE: BASICS: This Coinshop Configuration is the best out there! Players can buy parks, Chat Colors, Crate Keys and Eglow! All the numbers (cost, etc.) & Messages are completely configurable! FEATURES: User-Friendly | Simple to use...
  2. Fullpage

    Currency - Custom Economy & Shop v1.2

    Introducing ManticCurrency, a EULA friendly and powerful plugin that empowers server owners with the ability to create and manage their own custom currencies effortlessly. Whether you're looking to enhance your server's economy or gamify interactions, ManticCurrency offers a comprehensive suite...
  3. iSabiuta

    coin store v1.0

    This is a coin store, from it you can buy Key for craters and glow for your skin. For support dm on discord:
  4. Ultimate Setups

    Coin Shop | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    This Coin Shop & Cosmetics configuration is the best out there! It includes 3 Categories including 18 Tags, 16 Chat Colors & 6 Crate Keys available to purchase. Everything is customizable to your own liking. Cosmetics are completely EULA Compliant! Gradient Colours | Make the GUI's look...
  5. Atomatrix

    COIN SHOP - Deluxe Menus Config v1.2.0

    NOTE: Please refer to the documentation before asking for support in the Discord Server. (Buyers must verify their purchase to gain access to support) OVERVIEW: This Coin Shop & Cosmetics configuration is the best out there! It includes 10 Categories with 122 items available to purchase...
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