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company for sale

  1. P

    [FOR SALE] DeluxieSetups [Selling Company]

    Hey everyone! Today I will be selling my company that has been around for a few month and has loads of clients and a lot of good reviews. Why I am selling DeluxieSetups? I'm selling DeluxieSetups because next year I have my last year of school and I would really like to concentrate on getting...
  2. ZackIsTheBest

    Selling a Hosting Company

    Hey everyone! I'm selling a hosting company. No information will be disclosed in this thread, please PM me instead to get all the information. Note: this is not under $300. The company will be very successful with good advertising and a good mind. Thank you.
  3. GigabyteHosting

    GigabyteHosting - For SALE as-is (See thread for details)

    It's been a year since we opened. Now its time for us to move onto a different project. We are selling the company as-is. Please email us if your interested (and for full details): [email protected] Included: - All website files - Ownership of Web files - Active SSL Certificate -...
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