1. RandomUser

    Blocks Services | High quality configuration services.

  2. ChromeIV

    LiteBan -Performance Edition- Always CHEAP Configs!

    _____________________________________________________________________ or use this boring link :P
  3. ChromeIV

    Configuration Services

    Hello, I am looking to configure plugins for you! I can assure you that I provide quality, yet fast work. I can complete your configuration within a few hours, depending on the size. Usually, it will be very fast as I have been working with configurations for at least 4 years now. Most of these...
  4. jaxbillz

    Jax's Plugin Customization's/Configurations (0/2 Available Vouchers!)

    Jax's Plugin Configurations/ Customization's What is my service? I will be doing a complete customization of your plugin's config or anything else you need within the plugin. What plugins can you work with? I've been working with minecraft servers for about 3 years now, so I've became...
  5. Decidinq

    (High Quality) Factions Configuration

    Hello, My name is Decidinq and I am offering high quality faction server configuration setups. I offer extremely high quality configuration for faction servers, whether the server is op, semi-op, or hardcore I am your man! I am not a developer but over the years I have accumulated a lot of...
  6. Kibra

    Factions configuration

    Hi, i have a fully configured faction setup, FREE Includes: Factions Ranks (8 ranks) - Group manager Login message Crates (4 Crates, including voting crate) AntiAura Mcmmo (Including redeem) Lottery system Playtime (How long a player has been playing) Vaults (Pv's) Easy spawner shops Silk...
  7. Metholate

    Custom permission set-up! (Group manager, PermissionsEX)

    My name is reece (A.K.A Metholate). I'm 16 years old and in my spare time I like to stream video games on and configure Minecraft servers. I have many hobbies and one of them being taking care of fish. I'm also very competitive when it comes to games and I also take every thing I do...
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