configuration for free

  1. ItsRedLion

    [1/10] Configuration Vouch Copies // Building Portfolio!

    Hello! MC-Market Members, my name is Jordan! I am looking to do free configuration work for any server, but please note a few things: I am not looking for HIRED work, I am looking to simply configure a plugin or two for your server. I will be using your work for a portfolio, meaning...
  2. ArrowTan

    FREE | Tab & Scoreboard Config Gradient v3

    Hey there! are you bad at making designs or are you unable to spend time configuring Scoreboard & Tab? Well, you're at the right place! I just made this decent-looking Tab + Scoreboard configuration which you might like! Since Update v2 you're able to easily edit the scoreboard Since Update v3...
  3. GalacticB69

    Plugin Configuration Service [Work for Reviews and Experience]

    I have been configuring plugins of various types and sizes for the past 2 years. I consider myself a experienced configurator. I will configure any plugin to your liking in exchange for reviews, and references. You can add me on discord at GalacticB69#4729 if you are interested. Disclaimer: I...
  4. Aiden Cowie

    Free Configurations

    I am offering free configurations in response for a vouch on MCM. I will only be doing a certain number of these. Any configuration you might need I can fix for you. Add discord: arcReax#4909 Free services: 10/10 left
  5. NoLifeLucrator

    Need a dev for my Skyblock server!

    Hey I own a skyblock server and I need a few things configured!! I appreciate any help, I'd like to release next weekend if possible!! If you are interested DM me!! Discord: #Lucrator8373
  6. Hurt

    [Free] Sentry's Configuration | Fast | Experienced | HQ

    Hey! I'm Sentry and I'm going to be offering free configurations for anyone, since now the gold standard for mcm is to show your "portfolio" and vouches are no longer acceptable, tf? anyways, yeah. something happened in the like 4 months i was not active. ;( This is to basically build a...
  7. Sliide_

    ● Configurations

    Hey MCM, (My first language is Spanish if is something wrong written) What am doing? Today I am looking for people who want a free configuration or just is too lazy for make it. Am doing this for vouch, donations or reputation What style of plugins? Litebans (Config, Messages) Essentials...
  8. Kaliber

    [ Free ] Configuration!

    Hey! Today I am really bored and will be doing some free configuration :) I will be doing essentials, featherboards, PEX permissions.yml, and more! All For Free! What To Do: 1. PM Me on MCM saying what you want done 2. Wait for the config to be done. 3. I will send the config over to you...
  9. ChromeIV

    Configurations =Quality configs - Plugin of choice=

    Hello everyone! I would like to offer you a special, limited time deal. Got a plugin, or even multiple plugins, which you have wanted configured. Maybe it's too long or complex? Well, look no further. With the quality of a professional, you can hire me to do your unwanted configs, FREE! As...
  10. Daxanater

    Free | Plugin Configuration - Dax

    Introduction: Hi! I'm Dax, I'm 16 years old and I just recently came back to Minecraft after quitting League. I want to get back into the community again and create some work for my portfolio. I am a relaxed person looking to do some configuration again! Config Experience: I have configured...
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