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configuration of plugin

  1. DolphaMC

    Quick Configurations / Cheap & Professional *CUSTOM/PREMADE*

    (I'm currently looking to join a configuration team or create my own) x2 vouch copies (small plugins only) Pricing: Small Config = $3.00 Medium Config = $7.00 Big Config = $12.00 Massive/Complicated Config = $20.00 Custom Configs: Kits = $4.00 Ranks/Permissions = $6.00 AuctionHouse = $5.00...
  2. Themindshaper

    Lew's Configuration (1/5Vouch Copies Left)

    In order to claim a vouch copy you must have 50+ rep for a free simple config. You will need to add me on Skype, linking your McMarket profile. You will also need to state the plugin you want configured.
  3. Fozzie

    FREE Configuration Of ANY Plugin!

    I am offering free configuration of any minecraft plugin (With very few exceptions) With a small charge of a Vouch in order to boost my rep (As I don't scam), fill out the form below in the comments if you're interested in my services: Plugin: Means Of Contact (E.g Skype etc.) (Don't post your...
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