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  1. CraftCam

    CreatedShots' Management

    Hello! I'm CreatedShots, an experienced Staff Manager, amongst other things. I'm not good with making posts, so just check out my Resume. Please feel free to leave down any comments, concerns at...
  2. M

    Im buying optifine cape.

    I can give you Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on origin, Watch Dogs 2 on Uplay, nfa premium which is banned on hypixel or Clash Royale account. U can choose 1 or 2 things and u must have donation email and password on optifine site. Contact me on discord: Aleksq#3821
  3. TRA3

    Looking for Builders [URGEMC]

    URGEMC Looking for some builders to aid in building a spawn. Requirements: Portfolio Time to Spend Helping Information: This Role is not payed at the moment. Will hopefully be payed soon! Contact: TRA3#3576
  4. AeroEdits

    Voluntary Channel Manager

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a manager for my channel (YouTube). If you are interested, please add me on discord to discuss other things. Channel Link: Discord: Aero#2030
  5. K

    Faction Server | Need Staff

    Hello MCM, I need staff members for my faction server, before you apply or send me messages please read this down below. - Must be over 14 years of age - Must have a lot of experience - Can bring people to the server - can make the server a better place. If you are intrested, please reply to...
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