1. Syrine

    Looking for Staff - Staff Certification

    Hello MCM, I'm still looking for people who would like to help out for the staff certification project. If you are still unclear about the idea, please have a look at this thread: Staff Certification. The following positions are to be filled at the moment: Supporters Marketing agent Developers...
  2. Bella

    Staff Certification!

    Hey MCM! I'm currently looking for some people interested in contributing in some sort to my new project, whether this is with skills or money, Minecraft Staff Certification, there would be probably a website of some sort, where people can take courses and tests to get certified for different...
  3. Croc

    Sub-forum for open source Github projects seeking new contributors

    I was listening to a coding podcast today on my daily walk and a developer they interviewed on the episode was a big contributor to open-source projects. It really opened my eyes to how important it is to contribute early on, even if you aren't necessarily good yet. I googled some resources for...
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