1. TonyNguyen

    Public Safety Training Academy v1.0

    Public Safety Training Academy is a hyper-realistic map which places you in a sunny California training facility packed with features. Sharpen your skills in detailed classrooms, master CQB tactics in dedicated training rooms, and hone your marksmanship on the shooting range... Public Safety...
  2. Broken_HMS

    Waco siege v1.0

    1-1 recreation of Waco The Waco siege, also known as the Waco massacre. was the siege by U.S. federal government and Texas state law enforcement officials of a compound belonging to the religious cult known as the Branch Davidians ATF Gear + Briefing Room Fully installed ACS Davidian's...
  3. Broken_HMS

    Miami, Florida v1.0

    **Absolutely beautiful and huge miami map. Comes chok-full of towns, estates, boardwalk homes, hotels. mansions and more. Has a beautifully created road network which services this massive map and a sheriffs office - perfect for any starting county/police academy map. Comes packed with...
  4. Broken_HMS

    K9 Handler v1.0

    Secret Security A sleek, practical accessory for virtual dog handlers, for a stylish and functional experience. ‘Enhance your RP experience!’
  5. T

    Minecraft GTA plugin

    Hi, Im selling my own gta plugin called GrandTheftObsidian for 1.8 to 1.12 it is fully custom made by me. features: Houses you can create and buy houses A core. Custom cop plugin. A hub plugin. A atm. Spawn and an Economy system. drugs. gangs. guns. lootcrates. Dependencies...