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core bot

  1. Zorino

    Advanced Boosters | Corebot Addon 1.1.6

    Give your server boosters the rewards they deserve. This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Features Customizable Messages Advanced config Boosting Perks Bonus Coins Boosting...
  2. MeerBiene

    Offering Custom Discord Core Bots!

    As you can see the thread is only a free template I found here on MCMarket, so if you happen to be a creative designer or webdesigner, and you are interested in joining the team, follow this link.
  3. ThisLightMan

    COREBOT | #1 Discord Bot with 600+ Features | Slash Commands | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More 4.5.3

    LINKS: Corebot Documentation: Support Server: Legal Information: Official Corebot Addons: Detailed Features List: * Notice: Corebot will not run...
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