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  1. makkmarci13

    Pterodactyl [v1.x] Addon - Player Counter 1.3.3

    This is an addon for Pterodactyl Panel [v1.x] Description: Get player count to server page. (Some server supports online players list) Supported Games: Minecraft Minecraft:pE Counter Strike: Global Offensive Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike Source Garry's Mod Insurgency Insurgency: Sandstorm...
  2. F3RULLO14

    Counter Craft Network (Mod/Modpack Included) (CSGO Mod/Network)

    Counter Craft is a custom mod with a built in server network. Literally everything is done. I am currently focusing my attention else where, so I don't have time to manage CC. Counter Craft Modpack: Counter Craft is custom coded...
  3. F3RULLO14

    Hiring Par-time Mod Developers (Projects: Crafting Dead/Counter Craft)

    My name is Andrew and I currently own two large projects. I am here looking for par-time (maybe full-time) Java Developers that have experience working with the modding API Forge in Minecraft 1.6.4. Project Backgrounds Crafting Dead Counter Craft If you would like to apply for the job please...
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