1. W

    Custom Configurations | CHEAP AND QUICK!

    Info: Please dm me on discord (Herman#0001) Of course, there is always a limit of your purchases, that is why there is a big price difference, we will discuss what you want me to configure and work on and I will come with a price. Negotiations are acceptable but be reasonable. If its gonna take...
  2. GabyTM

    GUIHelper | The in-game GUI builder v1.0.7

    THE PLUGIN IS NOT ABANDONED, DEV BUILDS FOR V1.1.0 CAN BE FOUND ON GITHUB! Creating GUIs through a config file can be a mess. It's hard to visualize how it'll look, and you end up stressing over small details This tool helps you to build your desired menu in-game easy and fast and you'll...
  3. AeBad

    Custom Cratesplus Openers

    Looking for someone to create custom openers for use on crate keys and monthly crates using the 'cratesplus' plugin. The server is 1.8 based if that means anything. Pay is negotiable, but asking for too much will result in no response. For reasonable offers, expect a response within a...
  4. A

    CratesPlus Config

    Does anyone have a CratesPlus config that gives you more than 1 item per key?
  5. A

    HCF Reclaim and Crate help

    Hey! Does any have or know of a reclaim plugin that uses pex ranks that also works with cratesplus. Also, does anyone know how to get more than 1 item in a cratesplus key like velt or arcane?
  6. Scifi

    Hardcore Factions Crate Setup v1.0

    Upon Downloading This Resource You Will Receive The Folder For The Crates Plugin Cratesplus Which Contains All Of The Config Files To Use This Simply Extract The Folder To Your FTP and Replace It With Your Old One. Dependencys: Cratesplus (I used 4.4.5 To Make It But All Versions Should Work)...
  7. M

    CratesPLus Factions/Skyblock Premade Config

    THIS IS AN ORIGINAL CONFIG SETUP BY ME, AND HAS NEVER YET BEEN GIVEN OUT OR SOLD. Includes the following [6] crates: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -Vote Crate [primary] -Legendary Crate [secondary] -Mythical Crate [tertiary] -Spawner Crate -Voucher Crate -Rank Crate ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Vote Crate: -Obtainable from...
  8. Counteracting

    CratesPlus edit

    Hey mcm, Wanted an edit for Cratesplus. Right now, the plugin only gives 1 item per crate key. I want it to be 4 items or configurable Not sure if this is as simple as I think but if someone can message me about it for me and tell me the price it would be wonderful thanks...
  9. xNameless

    Bungee Network-Wide Crate Keys Addon for CratesPlus

    Introduction Hello. I am selling my recently developed KeyBank plugin addon for CratesPlus. This plugin allows configurable transferring of Crate Keys between servers with depositing, and withdrawing of keys per server - this allows players to Deposit keys on server A, connect to server B and...
  10. randomname1012

    CratesPlus Configuration - FREE v1.1

    Hello, this is my first Resource it is a FREE Resource. Basically its a very detailed configuration of the plugin "CratesPlus" It adds 5 crates fit for any factions server. The Configuration Also includes keys for the crates. CratesPlus Plugin...
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