1. Chris Graph

    CrazyCrates Config + 3D Chests + Keys v1.0

    Plugins required : • CrazyCrates for configurations files • ItemsAdder for configurations chests / keys & GUI's • DecentHolograms for hologram make with CrazyCrates Install all plugins required and restart your server Drag & Drop all files in your plugin folder CrazyCrates ItemsAdder Now...

    CrazyCrates Config - 5x Crates v1.0

  3. Tofty

    CrazyCrates Config | 4 Crates v1.19.2

  4. ItzFabb

    Crazy Crates v0.6

    Support only given via Private Message only.
  5. Balker


    This resource contains 6 different crates for a 1.17.1-1.20.x survival/towny server, but it can also be used for a skyblock server. 2 tiered crates 2 styles Cosmetic crate Spawner crate Vehicles crate Vote crate Selection GUI Balanced chances Made for 1.17-1.17.1 ● You are not allowed...
  6. OriginBuilds

    EN - CrazyCrates Configuration v5.2

  7. PixelMine

    CRAZYCRATES Config vV1.1.1

    This is a set of configuration files for the CrazyCrates plugin, this plugin was developed over the course of approximately 2 weeks for use in multiple types of servers. This configuration is mainly useful for survival/towny servers, however is applicable to Skyblock gamemodes. This...
  8. BCraft

    Crazy Crates 6 DeluxeMenu Virtuals Keys v1.0

  9. _BamBoo_

    CrazyCrates Premium Key Exchange | DeluxeMenu FREE v2.0

    This DeluxeMenu allows you to echange or withdraw virtual keys from crazycrates, and turn them into physical keys and vice versa. If there is any problem please contact me on discord instead of leaving a bad review <3 This deluxe menu is created for 4 keys, but i can change it to how many...
  10. Realisa

    potion problem

    Im having this problem were when im on 1.8 the potions on the Preview of my crates on CrazyCrates become water bottles but when on 1.10+ it becomes "Uncraftable Potion" it happens with SHOPGUI+ too but when i click buy on SHOPGUI+ or get the item from the Crate its shows the normal item, please...
  11. GabyTM

    GUIHelper | The in-game GUI builder v1.0.7

    THE PLUGIN IS NOT ABANDONED, DEV BUILDS FOR V1.1.0 CAN BE FOUND ON GITHUB! Creating GUIs through a config file can be a mess. It's hard to visualize how it'll look, and you end up stressing over small details This tool helps you to build your desired menu in-game easy and fast and you'll...
  12. Zashouu

    [CRAZYCRATES] Skyblock Crates Config | 1.8.X - 1.14.X

    Hey everyone, today I want to introduce to you my configuration in crazy crate plugin. This crate configuration is built for skyblock servers. It has 5 tier crates. This is my first setup so be indulgent. Features: 20+ rewards per crate Balance rewards Beautiful color GUI Perks rewards...
  13. Zashouu

    SkyBlock - CrazyCrates Config 1.8.X - 1.14.X

  14. Speedy

    CrazyCrates config | unique crates configuration 1.8 - 1.19 60% OFF v2.0

    Hello, This is a Crazy Crates config with 5 unique crates. Insane crate,Mythical Crate,Rare Crate and Spawner Crate If you got any questions or need support add me on discord: suchsvett#6335
  15. ElFly

    CrazyCrates crate reward configuration.

    I need crate rewards for CrazyCrates plugin (survival type server), for 6 crates - you may use GuiCreationTool to make the job easier. I will pay! Send me a PM if you are interested!
  16. Innings

    Factions Crates Config | DecimatePvP Style Crates | Clean | High Quality v2.0

    Vote Crate: God Crate: Decimate Crate: - Essentials or Vault - CrazyCrates - GUIAddonMcMMo - MoneyPouches - SilkSpawners If you have any issues please PM me on MCM to resolve ASAP!
  17. Innings

    Factions Crate Config | IratusPvP / Hytheria Style | Balanced Factions Crates v2.0

    Vote - Common - Rare - Epic - Special - Koth - - Essentials or Vault - CrazyCrates - PEX for ranks - SilkSpawners
  18. Shawn

    Crazy Crates Configuration 3 Crates v1.1

    Today I will be selling 3 different CrazyCrates Crates. That should be suitable for your OP Factions server. This resource is just the right one for you! This resource features shockwave tools such as trench pickaxes and shovels, Rank vouchers, and so much more! Crates: Plugin Requirements...
  19. Innings

    Skyblock Crates Config | Perfect for balanced crates!| Becto style crates! v2.1

    - Essentials or Vault - CrazyCrates - Vouchers if you want the rank vouchers to work. Custom Messages More Rewards Virtual GUI for crates ( Currently only physical )
  20. SnazzyApples

    [Free] Plugin Config

    I am offering extensive plugin configurations for the following plugins: - Crazy Crates - Crazy Envoy - Lite Bans - Advanced Anticheat, Spartan Anticheat, and No Cheat Plus All I ask for is good rep in return for doing this. Message me if you are interested. :)
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