1. Bunana

    Creeper Spawn 37x21 v1.0

    A spawn featuring two large creepers with 10 npc stands and a grey gradient textured floor!
  2. PixelMine

    Cosmetic Hat Models 1 v1.0

    5 Models + 3 Texture Variations Oraxen & Itemsadder Setups
  3. Minelc Builds

    9x Prision Mine Pack v2 | MINELCBUILDS v1.8-1.19+

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 200x200 Theme ➔ Nature Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ True Portal Area ➔ False Map Type ➔ MinePack High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  4. W


    Extremely rare 2011 Minecon Glow in the Dark Creeper, stored and protected in original box. Only 500 in existence. Signed by Notch, C418, Jeb, CaptainSparklez, BebopVox + more members of OG minecraft dev team. Your chance to own a one of a kind piece of Minecraft history... DM me offers
  5. PixelMine

    Halloween Key Icons v1.1

    High quality halloween themed kes for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or a selection.
  6. Anndrew

    ThrowableCreeperEggs | 1.8 | Core Protect Logging v1.0.0

    ThrowableCreeperEggs [1.8] Allow your players to throw creepers into the air. Please note that this plugin requires a MassiveCraft Factions Fork to work correctly. Simple and Lightweight CorePorect Logging Hook /throwable help - Displays the help message /throwable give <player> <amount> -...
  7. PixelMine

    Cosmetic Hat Icons 1 v1.0

    5 high quality hat icons for your server shop.
  8. Kryth

    Creeper Fire | Premium Server Icon 64x64 v2020-03-19

    You will receive two files with your purchase: - "Ready-to-Go" 64x64 .PNG titled "server-icon.png" - Master Adobe Illustrator .AI file The purchased version of this icon will not have any watermarks. Once you upzip the .zip file you will be able to access both files. Simply drag and drop the...
  9. Trikz

    TNT Virtual balance / Easier TNT pickup

    Hi there, so i have a request if anyone is available to do it and id just like to state that i'm not interested in gaining any sought of profit from this potential plugin if it is made. It will be an open plugin and the developer can sell it if they would like to. Why develop my idea ? Being a...
  10. Flockshot

    | 50% LAUNCH SALE || 1.7-1.15.2 || Throwable CEggs || Customizable | | Unique || MUCH MORE! v1.3.4

    Are you tired of the normal ceggs? Was there loot visible but just outside your reach? Fear not, for we have the plugin that can spice up your economy and bring a twist to the element of chest protection.This plugin aim for as much customizablity as possible, with editable sounds, name, lores...
  11. Rypeo

    Best offer takes these:,, All for sale. Best offer takes each. I've owned these for a couple of years but no longer have any use for them.
  12. Smadger

    ItemProtect v1.0.1

    Item Protect A very simple plugin which allows you to disable items from being destroyed from fire, tnt, creeper explosions, lava, lightning and upon contact with cactus. All of these options are available via a config and you can reload the config with a simple command. Very very basic if you...
  13. felipearkadia

    Free Plugin HCF No Creeper Target

    Hello friends, I just made this simple plugin for my server, the creeper are in Pacific. So I earn a little reputation. Those who want to add . skype: facebook:felipearkadia2
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