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  1. P

    Custom Minecraft Client

    Hey I am a client developer and I am willing to make any of you a pvp or hacked client with your desired features, I will only charge you a reasonable price depending on what you want. If you would like to add me my discord is Pump#3583 . I can also help manage/develop minecraft servers/discord...
  2. P

    Bug with a C# project [need help]

    I'm making an auto clicker which should work but I have a few bugs, and I would appreciate it a lot of anyone is familiar with C# and with autoclickers to add me on discord and help me. I will explain more about the bugs if you add me. Discord: PinkSoda PvP#9567
  3. MagnumCoding

    Very cheap programming services for rep/experience

    I am fairly new to coding, I have learned mainly C# in the last two years of high school. As I want to learn more practical uses of coding and not so much the stuff you learn in school, an experienced friend of mine pointed me to this forum. I cannot guarantee that I can make/fix the thing...
  4. Fleekinq

    Unity3D Game Design (FPS - TPS/Survival & BATTLE ROYALE)

    Not much too say here, really just PRIVATE MESSAGE ME AND YOU WILL FIND OUT WHAT's in store because honestly I am taking this seriously just a bunch of stuff comes into play, so PM me and we can talk over discord or text up to you about game design. Will cost money obviously, but your game can...
  5. OskarBlues

    Finally getting started - OskarBlues

    Hi all, I've had this account for nearly three months but have just now begun to use the site. I'm OskarBlues, electrical engineering (major) and computer science (minor) student at my university. Eventually, I plan on offering server-related products such as clients, wrappers, and...
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