1. projectenchanted

    Classes | Stages | Levels v1.0

    Using Coins Engine plugin currencies players can level up Classes Each Class has its own color scheme that can be customized to suit your server themes Here is a sample of one of the classes, selecting warrior class will bring players to the stages menu. Here they can purchase stage 1 and...
  2. Zalbus

    Stars | Custom Economy | Rotating Shop v1.0

    Stars is a meticulously crafted and highly versatile economy plugin designed to enhance your server's gameplay experience. At its core, Stars offers a unique and dynamic feature: a rotating shop system that opens up a world of opportunities for both server owners and players alike. Shop...
  3. R

    AsceciaCurrencies v1.4

    Description AsceciaCurrencies is a plugin that allows players to make their own local currencies and economies. Features The ability players to make their own currencies as well as delete them if they don't need them anymore Ore based economies Integrated power system that allows you to know...
  4. MikesLab

    TrueBank v1.0.1

  5. Marcely99

    Cosmetics & Coins | MBedwars Add-on v1.2

    The official and best solution for adding a EULA-friendly addition for earnable and buyable cosmetics on your server. This add-on comes with over 100 animations out of the box and even grants the ability for you to easily add an unlimited amount yourself, without ever writing a single line of...
  6. AbstractMedia

    [Have] paypal [Want] Crypto | Conversion Rates accepted

    Hi, I want to buy BTC Worth 4000. I want to pay someone for a work and he only accepts BTC. I my country i cant buy BTC, I can pay you by Paypal. I am ready to pay extra or whatever % you wanna charge. Also, one more thing since, i am from India we don't have F&F option here in that. So the...
  7. qKing

    RoyaleEconomy v2.3.7

    Depenencies: Vault (to hook into economy) Another Economy Plugin (by default, RoyaleEconomy doesn't handle the economy | you can remove this dependency by setting no-economy: false in config.yml) Redis support which allows you to configure clusters of synchronization. Always choose redis over...
  8. Mylogo

    StockMarket // Buy shares // (crypto) currencies // real world values | RELEASE SALE 50% v1.0.4

    DEPENDENCY: Vault for money! Buy Shares from the Share Market. Buy Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Let your users predict the Stock Market! -> Real data from the real world! How to buy? Simply setup a sign, execute a command (/sta setsign buy <symbol> [optional fee in %]) - done...
  9. koenigseggjoel

    Currency Forum!

    This is pretty much a global currency section. (Pretty much the MCM version of StackExchange's money forum.) As in, people can: Exchange currencies/cryptocurrencies/PayPal. (At the customer's risk.) People can discuss money problems/issues. (A very strict) amount of begging is allowed. People...
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