custom factioms

  1. W

    Buying Custom Faction Server

    Looking to buy a custom faction server to add to my server network. Will pay a fair price for a fair product. Im not looking for something that was thrown together in a few days. My budget is pretty high, so I am taking serious sellers only. If you would like to contact me about selling your...
  2. S

    (PREMADE) Factions Server <READ>

    The server has several premium plugins, everything is fully config'd simply just upload, and release. Its exclusive as its the first time this is ever being sold and never been leaked before. Donor ranks are setup along with permissions for each group. You will only have to tweak where it says...
  3. LavaBucket

    Custom TNT

    Hey there, I currently looking for a Custom TNT plugin what this does is lets you have "Different" types of TNT. For example - "Scatter TNT" : This would explode as multiple TNT "Hybrid TNT" : This would automatically hybrid. "Silk TNT": This would...