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custom gamemode

  1. MADiNSiDE

    MCColonies | MATURE and DEDICATED staff team required! Looking for ALL STAFF POSITIONS!

  2. ItzFlip


  3. Pirate_Ship

    Looking for server network that want to expand into a new gamemode.

    I have a gamemode idea and a working prototype but I just don't have the funding to make it into a server in its own right. Does anyone know of any server networks that are looking to expand into a new gamemode?
  4. EqZe

    Custom SkyBlock gamemode | Looking for for youtubers / streamers | Release on 19.4

    Hello, I am a SynexMC owner. A one kind of a server! The first server that implements skyblock with land claiming. We will release on the 19th of April. I am interested in buying a video ad from youtubers, or maybe a livestream on server-release. If you are interested please reply this thread...
  5. Ammar_mc

    ➲ [NEW]SPEED PRISON SETUP |Custom Coded|All in 1 Mine| Custom Crates | CustomEnchants |

    NO vouch copy Versions: 1.8 Welcome To SpeedPrison, A Unique Custom Gamemode Developed By The RevilsMC™ Team. SpeedPrison is a gamemode that uses the Prison Gamemode system, but with completely unique change! The Player's Goal Is Gain Money, And Use It To Advance Through The Ranks And Become...
  6. S

    ProsperPVP ✦ Server Network ✦ Needs Partner ✦ Custom Plugins

    ☠ProsperPVP☠ Introduction: Hello, my name is star_biker. I am currently working on a upcoming server network for the minecraft community. This network will have...
  7. F

    Server project (potential and unique).

    Hello, thank you for viewing this thread. This post will contain a simple offer and it will be explained below. I have planned out a custom gamemode completely. It's simple, easy to learn, and it's very fun (brings forth competition). All expenses are planned out and the creation +...
  8. F

    Purchasing unique server. ($500)

    Greetings, today I am looking to buy a server. I am looking for anything where I see potential, whether it is a unique twist to a generic gamemode, or a custom gamemode nobody in Minecraft has seen before. I'm pretty much wanting to buy anything that grabs my interest, whether it's a setup or...
  9. Stronzeh

    Looking for network partners.

    Hey, Thanks for clicking! We are looking for partners for my Network. Its called CrazedPvP. We have 4 gamemodes. (AirWars, KitPvP, AirDuels and Duels) 2 custom gamemodes. We have 2 Owners right noe. ( @@Mart02#2022 and Stronzeh) We have a buycraft site setted up, 2 gamemodes almost set up and...
  10. Tommytom24

    BallonMC Kingdoms | Need Terraformer | Need Builders

    Hello, I'm Tommytom24, one of the owners of BalloonMC We're a network, opening in the next few days, who want to make a custom gamemode. We have showed some people the pastebin, and they say that it would be great fun, and would 100% play. The pastebin is : We are able to pay you for the...
  11. CrypticError

    Smash City (Minecraft Server) - (Requesting Feedback/Criticism)

    Hi, I have just finished entirely re-coding, and rebuilding my server. I plan to advertise via sponsored slot eventually. As of right now I need criticism and feedback on the server so I can further improve the game before advertising. Smash City is a custom gamemode server...
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