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custom made

  1. Ahmeddinhos

    Factions Server | Custom Enchantments | Custom Plugins | 1.8

  2. t0xic

    ☄️Custom Mob Pack☄️| RandomSpawning | Custom Abilities | MythicMobs

    Resource Link: The World Mob Pack is a MythicMobs Custom Mob Pack that has 40 custom mobs that each have 2 new abilities and 1 passive effect. If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it. My 5+ Years of...
  3. C

    [PACK] ☄️ SkyWars x4 | HighQuality | ArenaMaps ☄️ ⚡ EXCLUSIVE ⚡ 3.90$

    ADD ME ON DISCORD IF YOU WANT TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS OR INTERESTED TO BUY :) IMNOTSWARLEY#0001 Hey there, I am here to offer you a pack of SkyWars arena maps. These maps are exclusive (made to be offered here, non of them have been used before.), High quality and cheap. Thread design will be...
  4. xX_Zyn_Xx


    ____________________ [✯] SkyRyzen [✯] ____________________ Welcome users, This is my first time selling my own Server setup. I have over 7+ experience being a Developer of Minecraft Server. I started to Create a Server since MC Version 1.8. This is one of my own low High-Quality Setup because I...
  5. MiniBee

    Buycraft Icons - Christmas Crates | Hand-Drawn Buycraft Icons

    What you will receive: 3 images containing different tier crates Images are fitted to Buycraft / Tebex preference (ready to be uploaded) If you are interested in custom work or have any questions, please contact me via E-mail ([email protected]) or discord ( MiniBee#8608 )
  6. Aurtrix

    Hestia Messages I 50% OFF I HQ I 1.0

    Information I decided to make this for the "Hestia" core community. Pictures Fly Command Broadcast Command Clear Command Gamemode Command Give Command Heal/Feed Command Ignore List Ping Command Prefix for some Hestia Commands Private Messages Toggle Skull Command...
  7. MiniBee

    Buycraft Icons - Crates Package | Hand-Drawn 1.0

    What you will receive: 3 images containing different tier crates (wooden, stone, gold) Images are fitted to Buycraft / Tebex preference (ready to be uploaded) If you are interested in custom work or have any questions, please contact me via E-mail ([email protected]) or discord (...
  8. Aurtrix

    LiteBans Messages | 50% OFF | HQ | 3.0

    Information Nowadays alot of people look for configuations but cant find the perfect one. Well today im here to introduce to you one of the best configurations every made. (Semi Inspired by minemen club). Backround This config was used on my hcf server named "SrikorPvP". We have moved on to...
  9. Thommie

    NameTagEdit Configuration pack | Custom made | High Quality | By Thommie 1.0

    NameTagEdit Configuration Pack There are multiple categories with tags that you will get by purchasing this resource. There is only one categorie for the staff and all the other categories will be for donator ranks or just ranks you can achieve ingame. All Configurations preview All the...
  10. Thommie

    DeluxeMenus Config | HQ | Island Panel | Custom Made 1.0

    I am currently working to create this menu for more plugins than only ASkyBlock, I will also update to higher minecraft versions very soon. Island Panel This resource is made with DeluxeMenus. I made configurations for some of the most popular skyblock plugins on the market. I am still working...
  11. Thommie

    FeatherBoard Network Pack Custom Made High Quality 4 Configs V1.0

    FeatherBoard Network Pack. This is a custom made configuration pack for FeatherBoard. There are multiple configurations in the RAR document. The configurations are made per GameMode. Pictures Plugins Needed FeatherBoard - Premium MVDWPlaceholderAPI - Free Factions - Free (Only for the...
  12. Ivel97

    Toxic Setups - Cheap - High Quality

    Introduction Hello and welcome to Toxic Setups. We are an affordable, cheap setup service that is exclusive! We offer custom plugins, Custom builds and more! Check our prices below! SkyBlock Starting at - $20.00+ Kit-PVP Starting at - $15.00+ OP Prison Starting at - $25.00+ Creative Setup...
  13. ToxicGR

    FFA Setup ToxicGR Setups 3.0

    Features Kits Kits menu is the main menu of the servers kit selectors menus. In that Menu you will find 2 other menus the Member Kits Menu and the Donator Kits Menu. All user can see both of the Menus but only Donators can claim the Kits that Donator Kits Menu Has. Member Kits Menu Member...
  14. Slecht

    Custom made hub Parkour 4 portals and much more! 1.0

    Welcome to the custom made hub! This hub includes: - A parkour - 4 portals - A wall of fame. - A nice custom terrain You can contact me with the following options: Discord: Slecht#3777 E-mail: [email protected] I hope you enjoy the hub! :)
  15. Tag

    SHOPGUI+ CONFIG [Universal] only $1.50! (50% OFF RELEASE SALE) 1.0

    ♛ Premade Shop GUI ♛ ∽ Images
  16. Bluntz4GloxkZ

    ShopGUI+ Pre-Made Shop Themed RED 1.1

    ★ Description ★ Hello there, I have made a fairly cheap ShopGUI+ pre-made shop for you all. And I'm here to release it out to the public. This shop is based off a Red & Gray theme. It has custom Red & Gray messages when you buy or sell items. A Clean nice look to it and very spread out. ★ Extra...
  17. TheDeadPlaya

    Professional Custom Faction Spawn 2017-07-26

    The file will be a schematica file To add it to a server heres how
  18. ItsMetri


    Link to purchase this amazing spawn: (YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE OTHERS HERE) Screenshots!: Leave a like maybe? Thanks!!! Email me if interested in a custom made spawn: [email protected]
  19. P

    Delete the post pls

    Pls delete the post
  20. PossibleKill

    KitPvP / Server Map / Spawn + Arena!

    Selling: • KitPvP Custom made map. • Will only sell to few people. • Sharing the map / Claiming as your own will be banned from buying things from me. • No refunds or chargebacks. • I will be using this map in my server. Information: • Payments will be via PayPal. • Price of the map can be...
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