1. Polygon

    Custom 10k World | 1.8+

    Custom 10k World | 1.8+ "10,000 x 10,000 custom terrain!" Contains: • 10k x 10k custom terrain • 6 biomes; desert, jungle, mesa, savannah, roofed forest & plains. Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •File is compressed as a .zip...
  2. Polygon

    Christmas Custom 10k World | 1.8+

    Christmas Custom 10k World | 1.8+ "Santa Claus is coming to town!" Contains: • 10,000 x 10,000 Custom Terrain Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •File is compressed as .zip. •Plenty of space for customisation with flat areas for...
  3. parpar8090

    [OLD] Custom Terrain World (World Painter)

    Edit: reading this is cringe for me because I was requesting a lot of things (not just here) for free when they shouldn't have been. I've locked this thread, and my personality changed. Your mission: make a world with custom terrain, includes the biomes: each biome must include adventures to...
  4. ajthemacboy

    2k by 2k Custom Minecraft Desert Terrain - Includes ores, caverns, and underground lava

    A 2k by 2k map for anyone looking for a custom desert world. See the map in 4k here: The map size is 2k by 2k in diameter (2k along each edge), not 2k in each direction from the center. Features: Desert biome with...
  5. Joe Hessey

    Factions server opening w/ Custom terrain & custom enchants!

    Hey, I recently opened a new factions server. This server includes custom terrain, custom enchants and a variety of mini-games we will be hosting throughout the days. As it's the opening, we have a 35% sale to celebrate. We also have various youtubers/streamers that will be coming online to...
  6. Kynsmir

    ★Custom Terrain With Custom Trees ★ 5€!!

    Hello there, I'm selling a Faction/Survival spawn built by Kynsmir, hope you enjoy! Payment: The payment will be done via PayPal Contact: Skype - stack3e Starting bid : 5€ Bid Inc : 5€ Bin : 15€ If u want to buy this , contact me on skype " stack3e " or gmail " [email protected] " Some Photos :
  7. Ritz

    1024 x 1024 Custom Oriental Terrain

    Hello fellow McM members, Ive decided to sell a few terrains I have laying around. This one is an Oriental theme with a series of cherry blossom trees and a nice amount of room for whatever you would want it for. Bid : $1 Bin : $10