1. Zalbus

    DailyRewards | DeluxeMenu Config v1.0.1

    Overview This configuration gives you the ability to give players daily rewards for playing on your server! Features Sound Support Customizable Messages Customizable Permissions Auto-Update Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rewards Commands /Daily | No permission needed /DailyRewards | No permission...
  2. Geik

    Dailyreward v2 - Special rewards v2.0.2

    Welcome to DailyReward, your ultimate solution for daily login rewards in your server! This versatile plugin allows you to provide premium rewards to players based on their daily logins, and the best part is, you can create as many rewards as you desire. Streak Mode: Forces players into a...
  3. Rastart

    DailyRewardsPlus GUI v1.1

    This DailyRewards+ GUI made and tested with DailyRewards+ by ItsUhFinn and ItemsAdder by LoneDev. Tested in Paper 1.20.1 Read everything before buying! Currently only support ItemsAdder for textures. Included in this pack: 4 Different GUI Menus 16 Different Boxes (4 boxes are animated)...
  4. NitroSetups

    Rewards Configuration v1.2.1

    Looking for a custom texture rewards configuration? Look no further! This rewards configuration includes both a beautiful custom UI and the perfect config for hourly, daily and weekly rewards. Not to mention the custom referral system which allows your players to get rewarded for referrals and...
  5. Diekieboy

    Daily Streak Rewards Config | v1.1

  6. ItzFabb

    Daily Rewards v0.5

    Support only given via Private Message only.
  7. 2DevsStudio

    2Devs Daily Rewards v1.0.0

    Stupid Simple Configurable Loot Configurable lottery inventory, sounds, messages, roll time! rollTimeSec: 10 # roll time in seconds sound: "ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP" rollInventoryTitle: "Roll Inventory" cooldownMessage: "You can use this command once per 24h" inventoryLook: -...
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