dark theme

  1. nidzoo

    Champion Pterodactyl Theme v1.0.1

    Theme requires Latest Pterodactyl - v1.11.5 SHOWCASE MORE IMAGES https://nidzo-docs.gitbook.io/championptero/welcome/images WIKI (Images, Guides, FAQ) https://nidzo-docs.gitbook.io/championptero/welcome SUPPORT SERVER https://discord.gg/APnKTdbM4w
  2. Angelillo

    NookTheme | Pterodactyl Theme v1.2.1

    Nook Theme NookTheme is a free and open source Pterodactyl theme designed to be simple, clean, and modern. Documentation Panel Documentation Wings Documentation Community Guides Or, get additional help via Discord Github repo License Pterodactyl® Copyright © 2015 - 2023 Dane Everitt...
  3. DevJhoan

    🚀 Strider System | License Manager | Dashboard | TypeScript

    🚀 Strider System | License Manager | Dashboard | TypeScript Hello, I currently sell the Strider System license system, it is made in typescript using express and mongodb, it has authentication via Discord and a web panel where you can create, edit and delete products and licenses, users can...
  4. Advin

    Virtualizor Dark Theme v0.1 beta

    THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. HOWEVER, THIS WILL STILL REMAIN PURCHASABLE. NO SUPPORT WILL BE GIVEN Virtualizor Dark Theme This is a dark theme for Virtualizor (https://virtualizor.com). List of supported distributions: Debian Ubuntu CentOS Please contact Fro#7324 if you have any...
  5. SSH

    Pterodactyl Theme | Purple and Grey | FREE - NO LONGER WORKING v2019-12-16

    ONLY WORKS ON VERSION 0.7.15. Hey, here I'm providing a nice and simple purple and grey/gray pterodactyl panel theme. Here are some screenshots: I have a test panel set up for you to take a look. Panel link: https://theme.vexide.com/ User: test Password: Password1 Please don't grief this...
  6. HookDonn_

    Pterodactyl Theme - Pure UI Dark | Customizable Theme v2.1

    Hello, Today I propose a customized Pterodactyl theme (Pure UI Dark) that took me several hours of work. This is a theme based on the classic, but fully customized with the login page completely rebuilt. This theme is compatible with 0.7.19 version of Pterodactyl. Please download theme...
  7. Donut

    Dark Pterodactyl Theme custom login page CPU/RAMLogo and color customisation v5.4a

    ATTENTION 1.X PTERODACTYL USERS This theme does not support 1.x, I have a 1.x theme is a similar style here: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/19085/ NO ONE HAS PERMISSION TO RESELL THIS THEME, IF SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SELL YOU THIS THEME OTHER THAN ON MC-MARKET THEY ARE A SCAM AND SHOULD BE...
  8. Ivain

    Changes to current themes

    Hello all, as most of you will agree this new theme isn't good the way it is. It needs a lot of changes to become close to the good old dark theme. Instead of asking for the old one back, which is unlikely since its made for a different base system (stock xenforo instead of XenBase idk the...
  9. krisjd12

    Hub spawn! ~Dark-Mystery themed~

    Post deleted -krisjd12
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