1. Innings

    Factions Crates Config | DecimatePvP Style Crates | Clean | High Quality v2.0

    Vote Crate: God Crate: Decimate Crate: - Essentials or Vault - CrazyCrates - GUIAddonMcMMo - MoneyPouches - SilkSpawners If you have any issues please PM me on MCM to resolve ASAP!
  2. Carry Lord

    Paying youtubers for trailer type upload! Giving away $1000 buycraft on my network+update

    Looking for english YouTubers for trailer uploads I would prefer to discuss prices in dms if possible will be looking for 10+ youtubers ranging from at least 200 views average and 500 subs. I am paying and if you are interested in making a series as well that can be worked out. Just let me know...
  3. Carry Lord

    Looking for regular factions core premade!

    Hello I have a development team and we planned on making our own but time is in a crunch at the moment for our upcoming release and am looking to purchase a factions core instead. Looking for faction warps with passwords. /f access to give specific players or ally factions access to a specific...
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